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Terms and conditions of use


Any purchase or rental agreement must be made in writing and accompanied by a deposit, usually a cheque. This must be after authentication and will be subject to availability, unless otherwise agreed. The deposit amount is calculated based on the items rented.


'Passion Décor remains the legal owner of the rented equipment. Passion Décor denies responsibility for direct or indirect damage occurring during use or operation of the rented equipment. All reservations are made by handing over the duly accepted signed quote and by paying the deposit. In case of cancellation of the rental by the customer after the standard statutory 7-day cooling off period, any deposit paid for the reservation of the equipment will become non-refundable. A late payment penalty of 15% of the total rental amount will be applied for each day of delay following the agreed return date. Any damaged or missing items will generate additional costs for the customer. These replacement costs correspond to the sale price indicated on our site. Any complaints concerning missing or defective equipment must reach us promptly, on the day of the wedding event at the latest. After the date of reception, no complaint will be accepted. No refund will be made for unused rental equipment. Cancellations made within one week after the signing of the agreement, the deposit will be refunded. Beyond that time, it will be non-refundable and will be kept.


The price will include delivery and recovery according to the current scale set up by Passion Décor. Any handling not provided for in the initial quote and any extra waiting times will be subject to additional invoicing. When receiving the equipment, if the recipient finds a problem upon receipt, he or she must first immediately inform the carrier using the appropriate means and then inform Passion Décor.


The named customer must be present during the delivery and the return of the rented equipment. He or she must acknowledge receiving the materials in good condition, suitable for operation and in a condition that adheres to any health and safety standards that are in force.

An inventory of alternate condition of the product will be made when available ON THE REQUEST OF THE CUSTOMER ONLY and upon the return of the rented equipment. The ordering customer is required to attend in person in order to sign this inventory. The returned materials must be sorted, stored and returned in the delivery packaging, otherwise the alternative inventory will be made in our warehouse. In the absence of a signature, no dispute will be accepted and only the owner's original inventory will prevail. The materials will only be considered returned after having been the subject of a contradictory inventory or, in the event of refusal by the client who orders an inventory from the sole lessor. Should equipment be missing or damaged, the customer must submit a deposit check equivalent to the replacement value of the rented products. If a problem or breakage occurs with any of the products, the customer will be required to settle the defective or lost material up to the value of the items. The deposit check is then returned, by being given or sent to the customer.


The customer undertakes to use the rented equipment in accordance with regular practices at a named location, and to do nothing or let it happen that may damage it. In particular, the customer will provide the necessary electrical appliances with a suitable power source, in accordance with health and safety regulations. The ordering customer certifies that he is able to use the rented equipment, himself or through duly authorised and qualified persons. No modification or transformation can be made to the rented equipment. Throughout the period of provision, the client is required to maintain the rented equipment and protect it from any damage: vandalism, overload, bad weather: including wind, rain, snow and frost, etc... The ordering customer is not entitled to any compensation in the event of interruption of the operation of the rented equipment. Missing or broken equipment will be invoiced to the ordering customer at the current replacement price.


All invoices are payable cash on demand, or upon receipt of invoice for account companies, when ordering for other customers. It is agreed that failure to pay by the due date will result in:

- a late payment penalty calculated at 3 times the legal interest rate, from the due date and on all of the sums remaining due;

- any legal costs involved;

- a penalty cost, of compensation equal to 15% of the sums due, as well as the legal costs.

No discount will be granted in the event of early payment. For any complaints, the customer has a maximum period of one month from the invoice date. Complaints received more than one month after the invoice date will be disregarded.


The rented equipment remains the entire property of the lessor and the lessee will refrain from letting it be seized by one of his or her (the lessee's) creditors. Equipment sold to the customer remains the entire property of the seller until full payment of the price, principal and interest, in accordance with Law 80-335 (May 12, 1980). However, the transfer of risks takes place upon delivery of the item/s.


The rental company cannot be held responsible for delays or non-deliveries due to force majeure or for any reason beyond its control, such as, without limitation: strikes, bad weather, accidents, official actions etc.


The responsibility for and the material and legal custody of the rented materials are transferred when they are made available to the customer. The ordering customer assumes this custody as his or her sole responsibility. He or she will take out an insurance contract at his/ her own expense to offset his/ her liability during the time he/ she has custody of the rented facilities and equipment. The ordering customer, as organiser of the event during which the rental company or the service provider intervenes, must in particular take care of obtaining any authorizations necessary for the services ordered, ensuring that the premises are available and accessible without difficulty of any kind, and obtain, if necessary, possible extensions of cover from their insurance provider. No claim from the customer will be admissible after a period of 24 hours after the service has been provided. No compensation may be claimed from the lessor for loss of use or any commercial disorder whatsoever, whatever the cause or the origin.


In the event of a dispute, the Tribunal of the Lessor's Headquarters will have sole jurisdiction. Passion Décor, 209 Avenue de la République, 93800, Epinay sur Seine.'


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