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The wedding day is one of the most significant events in the life of a couple. For this reason, the bride and groom tirelessly embark on the preparations and organization of their wedding so that this exceptional day marks the spirits forever.

The wedding decoration plays a key role in the success of this event, so your union must be celebrated as it should be in a harmonious and festive atmosphere with your loved ones. The uniqueness of this celebration therefore involves several options, styles and different models of decoration. In order not to get lost in this immense choice, the ideal is to identify beforehand the theme of the wedding that suits you best. The choice of decorative accessories must imperatively agree with the theme you have chosen for an elegant and coherent visual effect.


Passion décor is an online sales site specializing in wedding decoration and aimed at individuals and professionals: wedding planners and interior decorators. Concerned about your satisfaction, Passion décor offers you a range of ultra-trendy wedding accessory suggestions that suit all tastes and all budgets. Indeed, nowadays it is more and more common that newlyweds prefer to create a wedding decoration that reflects their image, by themselves. Thinking of these newlyweds, Passion décor accompanies you for most of your event and offers you a varied choice of items for inexpensive wedding decoration, which will honor your union. Each object offered is available in several materials and in different colors to best match your wedding theme.


Although the choice of a theme is not essential, but it allows to dress your decor with a lot of character and elegance. Choosing a theme for your party reflects your tastes and personality and therefore adds a touch of originality. To celebrate this magical moment, all the details of your wedding decoration must be carefully worked out. For each theme, it is important to select the items and nuances that work in its favor. It is on these details that make up all of your decor that a successful wedding is based. Choosing a theme doesn't have to involve a lot of money. All you have to do is express your imagination, your creativity and opt for the style that best reflects your personality. The inspirations are endless, you can for example choose your theme according to the season during which you celebrate your union or according to your place of reception. Remember that a winning theme is synonymous with personality, it must reflect your character. If you lack imagination, here are some examples of wedding themes:


The bohemian style wedding is perfect for dreamy and romantic couples. This theme highlights a fresh, light, natural and poetic style. Thus, it is distinguished by its richness in colors and textures, thus offering the bride and groom several possibilities of decoration. A bohemian wedding can include various decorative elements such as crystals, flowers, candles, …


If you fell for the oriental theme for your wedding, know that this theme is distinguished by its warm colors and authentic style. Play with color palettes to create a warm atmosphere. Passion decor, has several items that put this theme in the spotlight: oriental lantern, arabesque column, wedding throne, ... The oriental wedding decor, is also distinguished by two colors synonymous with elegance and sophistication which are gold and money. These two shades are ideal for setting up a traditional decor but which combines perfectly with modern elements.


The decoration of the big day must mainly reflect the image of the couple and even their origins. The ceremony is the most anticipated moment of your D-day, so it is wise to select the accessories that serve to sublimate this event ranging from the moment of the ceremony at the church to the decorative details of the wedding party.


During the celebration of your wedding, your guests, family, loved ones and friends will be gathered around a table to share a meal or have a drink, for this reason nothing should disturb it.

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