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Artificial tree wedding decoration

Artificial tree

It is often a question of integrating nature in any way into the wedding decorations and this to give this touch of freshness and natural that may be missing in some decorations.Also, the easiest is to scatter petals of flowers on the table or on one ceremony carpet previously laid.The other novelty of this year is las artificial trees.

Concerningartificial tree there are all kinds and sizes.

But the most popular and requested are at passion decor.It is the artificial tree without flowers that exists in size 75 cm and in size 120cm, of white color, gold color, or silver color.It is customary to keep it in white to bring this pure effect to your table.Some artifices can be added such as 1m crystal pampilles, artificial flowers, chains or vases to be suspended filled with water and candle.

The artificial tree can also be used as dredged support.The spread of its branches offers the possibility to suspend dredged and serve all your guests at the end of marriageIn reality the use that you will have is so multiple that this product is indispensable in your wedding decoration.And that is why it is so successful.

Note that a desire to see more greenery or rather of natural color in marriages has brought forth a new wedding decoration that is the artificial trees foliage.It is a matter of taking an artificial tree and adding leaves to the ends of these branches in order to give it the look of a real tree with a brown trunk etc...

These new generation trees, you will find them at Passion decor and always at the best price.2 sizes exist: first of all, the size for your wedding table decoration: 1m high and a size of 70cm, then you will find the one that allows you to decorate your photo corners and central alleys is 2.40m high.You will have the choice between 2 colors pink or white.After all this you now have what the embarrassment of choice.

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  • White cherry tree for wedding
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    Arbre cerisier blanc 4...
    £ 65.25 excl. VAT

    The cherry tree is ideal to decorate your aisle or married corners with a height of 4 feet and a width of 3 feet.


    Colours: white foliage and brown trunk

    Dimension: height 4 feet * diameter 3 feet