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Cake display for wedding - buffet display, cake display

Buffet and cake display

Presenter cakeau pas cher

As its name indicates the Candy bar is usually erected on a table.Yet you can be bold by using some cake displays more original.The bar has candy will in itself become an animation with beard and popcorn machines.If you have chosen a theme wedding

on the circus or the fair, this idea will be welcome.On our 3-storey stainless steel display, you can superimpose different decoration elements such as cupcakes, treats or fruits.

You can also bring a flowery touch to your Candy wedding bar by incorporating vases.Among other things, you can have flowers at the top of the vases for a harmonious geometric effect.

To give color to your table you can have color ribbons there.

With our stainless steel cake 5 ultra-design and durable pieces, you will give elegance to your buffets and desserts.

For your table, there are some decorative accessories indispensable without which your wedding decoration would not be achieved: the dredged displays that you can use as a table center.Indeed, if they are well chosen, they will enhance your table, and more globally your room.Discover at Passion Decor, the best of wedding decoration items, cheap, they will meet all budgets, and many, they will necessarily adapt to the theme of your wedding.

The wedding cake is much more than a delicious dessert!It is one of the symbols of the love of the brides and a tasty way to convey a message of thanks to the guests.Pay attention to its decoration.Our mounting bracket is a must to decorate your wedding cake perfectly.The decoration of your cake is paramount so opt for this piece support at advantageous prices.

During a buffet, a taste or even a wedding, the presentoir gateau - cheap will always do its effect.They bring elegance to the decoration and allow you to highlight all your pretty gourmet and sweet creations.

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  • Luna gold 3-tier display for buffet for wedding
    • On sale!
    • Soon in stock
    3-tier gold display...
    £ 32.63 excl. VAT

    In the shape of a wheel this display will highlight your sweet or salty desserts as it should.

  • Support buffet blanc for wedding
    White acrylic buffet...
    £ 17.40 excl. VAT

    These buffet fans give a look at your buffet, stand or presentation.One submersible headlamp can be put in the inside for more effects

    Characteristics :

    Colour: white

    Dimension: 7x7x7 inch and 5x5x5 inch

    Material: Plexi

  • White acrylic cube buffet...
    White acrylic cube...

    You are looking for the element that will make the difference in the decoration of your marriage or special event.Discover our white cube buffet support XL, an elegant and versatile solution that will add a touch of sophistication to your reception. Created in high quality plexiglas, this set consists of three different size pieces to meet your needs.

    These are buffet boosters gives a look at your buffet, stand or presentation. One submersible headlamp can be put inside for more effects

    Characteristics :

    - Couleur: white

    - Material : Plexi

    - Cube 1 : 38 x 36 x 8 cm

    - Cube 2 : 38 x 37 x 16 cm

    - Cube 3 : 38 x 38 x 24 cm

  • Acrylic cube buffet stand  for wedding
  • Acrylic buffet stand for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Acrylic buffet stand 3...
    £ 13.05 excl. VAT

    Set of 3 transparent acrylic buffet holders

    Possibility of embossing for ease of storage

    Present your sweet or savory mouths with class

  • Black sideboard stand  for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Black sideboard stand...
    £ 13.05 excl. VAT

    Lot of 3 buffet holders in black acrylic

    Possibility of embossing for ease of storage

    Present your sweet or savory mouths with class

  • Suspended cake stand for wedding
    • On sale!
    Suspended cake stand
    £ 87.00 excl. VAT

    A suspended piece support to highlight your wedding cakes with the crystal pampille that floats

    You can suspend your cake under our Round tone 6 feet

    Characteristics :

    - Material: Stainless steel and crystal pampille

    - Adjustable height

    - Diameter 23 inch

  • cup cake support in EVA acrylic for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    5 tier cup cake...
    £ 21.75 excl. VAT
  • ADEMA square transparent acrylic  cup cake stand for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    ADEMA square...
    £ 19.58 excl. VAT
  • Clear Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Holder for wedding
    Clear acrylic ice...
    £ 6.53 excl. VAT

    Discover our 16-hole support for ice pickles, popcorn pickles!

    Sublimate your buffet presentation with our trendy and original ice support.


    Materiau : Acrylic

    Dimension: 3 mm thick

    colour: Transparent

    • -£ 100.00
    Acrylic champagne...
    £ 313.25 excl. VAT Regular price £ 413.25

    Discover our Jana champagne glass presenter available at Passion Decor

  • Set of 3 Dentelya white buffet stands for wedding
    Set of 3 Dentelya...
    £ 28.28 excl. VAT

    This cake presenter is ideal for presenting your cakes, cupcakes or even for your favorite desserts during any wedding, birthday party, birthday party, birthday, party, tea, afternoon between friends and any other special event or occasion.

  • Gold square buffet riser for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Gold square buffet...
    £ 54.38 excl. VAT

    Give volume to your buffet tables with these boosters that you can have on your buffet or event table

    Several sizes are available in this kit of 5 pieces to give this effect stair on the buffet


    - Height 12 inch, width 12 inch

    - Height 11 inch, width 11 inch

    - Height 9 inch, width 9 inch

    - Height 8 inch, width 8 inch

    - Height 5 inch, width 5 inch

  • Black Buffet Stand Set for wedding
    11 Piece Black Buffet...
    £ 165.83 excl. VAT

    Decorate your buffet in a turn thanks to our buffet package.

    This buffet support is complete and consists of 11 different supports each other.

  • Clear Acrylic Buffet Stand for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    2 Tier Clear Acrylic...
    £ 6.53 excl. VAT

    We offer you a collection of acrylic presenters ideal to highlight your creations!

    Present your mignardises on this beautiful transparent acrylic display of 2 floors!


    Materiau : Acrylic

    Colour: Transparent

    Dimension: L 12 inchx l 3 i nch

  • Acrylic cupcake stand for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Acrylic cupcake stand...
    £ 21.10 excl. VAT

    treat yourself to this magnificent Enhance Cup cake in acrylique byFait to serveir and presenter vos cupcakes and otherres mignard ises! Manufactured apart from a robust and durable acknowledgement, this product is very practical and easy to know. Oyer and to entretenir. It is endowed with a design elégant and é pureé ! so you can present your cake cups on several levels!


    Material: Acrylic

    Color: Transparent

    Dimension: Diameter 11 inch Height 11 inch several levels

  • Donut stand - Presentation buffet for wedding
    Donut stand -...
    £ 7.61 excl. VAT

    Discover our transparent acrylic support for donuts or donuts

    Robust and easy to maintain it will bring a modern touch to your table decoration

    Original and Trendy this presenter will surprise your guests!

    Characteristics and

    Colour: Transparent

    Material: Acrylic

    Dimension: H 11 inch L 9 inch

    The donut-shaped frame can contain 9 doughnuts

    Passion Decor Your Evening Decoration Partner

  • Cupcake stand  clear acrylic mounted piece for wedding
    Cupcake stand - 4-tier...
    £ 32.63 excl. VAT

    Discover our range of acyrlic support this cup cake support so you can treat your buffet presentation for your events!

    This acrylic piece is composed of 4 floors! you can superimpose them in height or has to rest for another presentation of your buffet


    Materiau : Acrylic

    Colour: Transparent

    Dimension: Level 1: Diameter 11 inch Height: 6 inch

    Level 2: Diameter 9 inch Height: 4 inch

    Level 3: Diameter 7 inch Height: 4 inch

    Level 4: Diameter 5 inch Height: 2 inch

  • Clear acrylic pacifier holder with insertion hole for wedding
    Clear acrylic pacifier...
    £ 13.05 excl. VAT

    Available at Passion Decor the transparent sucettes support in high quality acrylics, trendy and robust it will highlight your buffet!


    Materiau : Acrylic

    Colour: Transparent

    Dimension: H 11 inch L 9 inch 3 level

  • Support 3pcs TAMY for wedding
    Support 3pcs TAMY
    £ 26.10 excl. VAT

    This TAMY cake display is ideal for presenting your cakes, cupcakes or even for your favourite desserts during your special event or occasion!

  • Plexi buffet table  - Kristal for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Plexi buffet table -...
    £ 450.00 excl. VAT

    Characteristics :

    - Material: acrylic plexi

    - Colour: transparent

    - Length:59 inch

    - Width: 23 inch

    - Thickness:3 inch

    - Height:39 inch

    - To get up or even

    - Ovens without flowers

  • Cube buffet mirror booster...
    • New
    • Soon in stock
    Cube buffet mirror...
    £ 25.00 excl. VAT

    The buffet cubes enhancers mirror SHINE bring a touch of elegance to your presentations. Ideals to enhance your buffets, these boosters allow you to create captivating luminous effects with the addition of a submersible projector, perfect for all your receptions and events.

    Characteristics :

    - Colour: Mirror

    - Dimension: 15x15x15 cm

    - Material: Glass mirror

    - Usage: Buffet holder, display

  • Acrylic support for buffet...
    • New
    Acrylic support for...

    This acrylic support for buffet glass and 51 cm piece is the perfect accessory to enhance your events. Made of high quality acrylic and clear color, it is not only aesthetic but also practical.

    Characteristics :

    - Size : 51 cm

    - Material: Acrylic

    - Colour: Claire