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Decorating birthday cakes| passiondecor

Buffet decoration

Birthday decoration: importance of theme pics

Many are looking for originality when it comes to making the decoration of a birthday.No one chooses themes to enable them to properly coordinate things and to have a guideline.There are little-known accessories to highlight the theme of his birthday.Among them theme pics.What is their importance in the decoration of a birthday?

Why choose a wedding theme?

From the start of the game, know that it is not necessary to have a theme for its anniversary.This just allows you to have a decorative guideline.Therefore, everything you will do to decorate the room or place you will have to choose should be based on the theme in question.

Indeed anniversary theme greatly influences the entire organization.To make a wise choice, you must consider your personality.Also take into account your desires, season, trends and more important, budget.

So you can choose a cinema anniversary theme, a classic theme, a glamour theme, an art-decor theme, etc.These are the hot topics that interest us today.

What is the interest of theme picks for the decoration of a birthday?

The theme pics are available in several shapes, in several designs and in several colors.You can have flags, heart-shaped pikes, personalized pikes on which names are engraved, etc.

There is a whole panel that you can choose depending on the style and theme of your birthday.So what can you use the pikes?They can allow you to create an aisle by which you will pass to join your guests.Also, they can serve you to decorate your cake nicely.

In addition, you can create an alley thanks to the decorations.Spikes are usually made of wood and are topped with a kraft paper shape.Since it is a matter of birthday and therefore of love and fraternity, it is recommended to opt for hearts.

However, you can opt for other picks provided they match your theme.With regard to colour and pattern, you are also free to choose the ones you want.

How to create an aisle and decorate it with theme pikes?

If you decide to celebrate your birthday in an open environment, in a garden or at the beach for example, just put the sticks directly into the floor.This is very convenient for the decoration of a place outside.

However, if your celebration is to take place in a room, then you can simply plant the pickets in pots or containers of your choice to use them.Thus, for a ceremony aisle, count about 300 to 400 pikes to receive about thirty guests.

Everything depends on the positioning of the room and the number of people you want to receive.In addition, to get a nice effect after the decoration, position the stings in such a way as to have a bouquet, or simply position them in clusters.

There are several possibilities for birthday decoration with theme pics.Besides the decoration of the aisles or cakes, you can also use them to delimit a space, decorate a table and many others.


  • Buffet and cake display

    <h2><strong>Presenter cakeau pas cher</strong></h2> <p>As its name indicates the Candy bar is usually erected on a table.Yet you can be bold by using some <strong>cake displays</strong> more original.The bar has candy will in itself become an animation with beard and popcorn machines.If you have chosen a theme <a href=""><span style="color:#b4479a;">wedding </span></a></p> <div class="closed1" id="more"> <p>on the circus or the fair, this idea will be welcome.On our 3-storey stainless steel display, you can superimpose different decoration elements such as cupcakes, treats or fruits. <br /><br />You can also bring a flowery touch to your Candy wedding bar by incorporating vases.Among other things, you can have flowers at the top of the vases for a harmonious geometric effect.</p> To give color to your table you can have color ribbons there. <br /><br />With our <strong>stainless steel cake</strong> 5 ultra-design and durable pieces, you will give elegance to your buffets and desserts. <p>For your table, there are some <a href=""><span style="color:#b4479a;">decorative accessories </span></a>indispensable without which your wedding decoration would not be achieved: the <strong>dredged displays</strong> that you can use as a table center.Indeed, if they are well chosen, they will enhance your table, and more globally your room.Discover at Passion Decor, the best of wedding decoration items, cheap, they will meet all budgets, and many, they will necessarily adapt to the theme of your wedding. <br /><br />The wedding cake is much more than a delicious dessert!It is one of the symbols of the love of the brides and a tasty way to convey a message of thanks to the guests.Pay attention to its decoration.Our <a href=""><span style="color:#b4479a;">mounting bracket </span></a>is a must to decorate your wedding cake perfectly.The decoration of your cake is paramount so opt for this piece support at advantageous prices. <br /><br />During a buffet, a taste or even a wedding, the <strong>presentoir gateau - cheap</strong> will always do its effect.They bring elegance to the decoration and allow you to highlight all your pretty gourmet and sweet creations.</p> </div> <div id="link">Read more</div>
  • Candle

    <h1>Event decoration: the place of candles?</h1> <p>Once used to illuminate, candles now occupy an important beach in the decoration of celebrations.These are decorative objects that bring a touch of romance and aesthetics to your table decoration.How then do you put them on them so you can surprise your guests and offer them a ceremony in a festive, warm and romantic atmosphere?</p> <div class="closed1" id="more"> <h2>The attractive power of the flame</h2> <p>She waltzes, she trembles, she is a carrier of life when she offers her light and casts shadows on both sides. <a href="">The candle</a> fascinates, soothes, seduces and remains bearer of symbols.Long used as a source of artificial light, it quickly becomes an object with powers.</p> <p>Indeed, according to the understanding of the Christians once, the candle would have powers that allow us to hunt the evil spirits.Thus, no wedding or baptism celebration was done without light candles.</p> <p>Over time, the candle kept its fascinating and beautiful side.She has experienced a lot of transformation and sophistication.So today there are candles that you can use depending on the event.It now occupies an important place in the wedding decoration.</p> <p>It is available in several shapes (round, square, cylindrical) and in several colors.To decorate the table, the floor, the garden alley, the decoration room, it will find a place where you want to create a soft atmosphere during your wedding or baptism.</p> <h3>Some decoration ideas to highlight your candles</h3> For a soft, warm and relaxed atmosphere, nothing is worth the presence of candles here and there in your decoration.These few ideas will help you make a place for this decorative object to enhance the decoration of your reception room. <h4>Candles in the alley of the church</h4> <p>Let's start with the place where you receive your wedding blessing for your couple life.The presence of candle announces the happiness to come and the beautiful things you will live in your home.Nothing like placing large white candles along the year of the church.This is a rather original choice, because it will prevent you from doing like everyone by placing flowers and ribbons to decorate benches or seats.</p> <p><strong>Candles on the golden book table</strong> we thought about it for you.In reality, the decoration of the gold book table is often left to account.However, your guests will necessarily take this way to leave their impressions and their thoughts in the famous book.Why don't you put it by decorating it with small glass candles?</p> <h5>Photophor candles in the table center</h5> <p>The photophores are light boxes or containers that contain heat-plated candles.Its shape allows to have an adjourned decoration and exquisite and romantic lighting.So don’t hesitate to use them to enhance your room decoration, mainly the table center.</p> <h6>Candles around the cake</h6> <p>For a more fun and refined decoration, think about putting small candles around the wedding cake or birthday cake.Add a few of your photos for more charm and romance.For this, small phosphorus will be an excellent choice for a charming and sparkling rendering.</p> <p>Several ideas are possible to highlight candles in your room decoration.There are contemporary LED candles, floating candles, scented candles, etc.It is up to you to choose according to your preferences and the style you want to give at your reception.</p> </div> <div id="link">Read more</div>

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  • Cake fountain candle for wedding
    • Soon in stock
  • Luna gold 3-tier display for buffet for wedding
    • On sale!
    • Soon in stock
    3-tier gold display...
    £ 32.63 excl. VAT

    In the shape of a wheel this display will highlight your sweet or salty desserts as it should.

  • Support buffet blanc for wedding
    White acrylic buffet...
    £ 17.40 excl. VAT

    These buffet fans give a look at your buffet, stand or presentation.One submersible headlamp can be put in the inside for more effects

    Characteristics :

    Colour: white

    Dimension: 7x7x7 inch and 5x5x5 inch

    Material: Plexi

  • Set of 3 Dentelya white buffet stands for wedding
    Set of 3 Dentelya...
    £ 28.28 excl. VAT

    This cake presenter is ideal for presenting your cakes, cupcakes or even for your favorite desserts during any wedding, birthday party, birthday party, birthday, party, tea, afternoon between friends and any other special event or occasion.

  • Black Buffet Stand Set for wedding
    11 Piece Black Buffet...
    £ 165.83 excl. VAT

    Decorate your buffet in a turn thanks to our buffet package.

    This buffet support is complete and consists of 11 different supports each other.

  • Acrylic buffet stand for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Acrylic buffet stand 3...
    £ 13.05 excl. VAT

    Set of 3 transparent acrylic buffet holders

    Possibility of embossing for ease of storage

    Present your sweet or savory mouths with class

  • Black sideboard stand  for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Black sideboard stand...
    £ 13.05 excl. VAT

    Lot of 3 buffet holders in black acrylic

    Possibility of embossing for ease of storage

    Present your sweet or savory mouths with class

  • Suspended cake stand for wedding
    • On sale!
    Suspended cake stand
    £ 87.00 excl. VAT

    A suspended piece support to highlight your wedding cakes with the crystal pampille that floats

    You can suspend your cake under our Round tone 6 feet

    Characteristics :

    - Material: Stainless steel and crystal pampille

    - Adjustable height

    - Diameter 23 inch

  • Big size wax led candle for wedding
    • -14.28%
    Big size wax led...
    £ 7.83 excl. VAT Regular price £ 9.14

    This led candle is an ideal lighting system to illuminate your candlesticks or candle holder.

    Characteristics :

    • Genuine wax finish for Realistic Style
    • Sold by lot of 3 pieces
    • Height 3 inch, 5 inch, 8 inch.Diameter 2inch
    • Each Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
    • Bright light of the Imit LEDs A True Flame
  • Led candle  for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Led candle x 5pcs
    £ 7.61 excl. VAT

    This led candle is an ideal lighting system to illuminate your candlesticks or candle holder.

    Characteristics :

    • White finish for Realistic Style
    • Sold by lot of 5 pieces
    • Height 9 inch;Base diameter 1.5cm - 2cm
    • Each Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
    • Bright light of the Imit LEDs A True Flame
  • ROUND CANDLE GLASS for wedding
    • -15%
    • Soon in stock
    £ 8.87 excl. VAT Regular price £ 10.44

    Candle glass to illuminate your tables

    Height 1 inch

    Width 1 inch

  • cup cake support in EVA acrylic for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    5 tier cup cake...
    £ 21.75 excl. VAT
  • ADEMA square transparent acrylic  cup cake stand for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    ADEMA square...
    £ 19.58 excl. VAT
  • Clear Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Holder for wedding
    Clear acrylic ice...
    £ 6.53 excl. VAT

    Discover our 16-hole support for ice pickles, popcorn pickles!

    Sublimate your buffet presentation with our trendy and original ice support.


    Materiau : Acrylic

    Dimension: 3 mm thick

    colour: Transparent

  • Gold square buffet riser for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Gold square buffet...
    £ 54.38 excl. VAT

    Give volume to your buffet tables with these boosters that you can have on your buffet or event table

    Several sizes are available in this kit of 5 pieces to give this effect stair on the buffet


    - Height 12 inch, width 12 inch

    - Height 11 inch, width 11 inch

    - Height 9 inch, width 9 inch

    - Height 8 inch, width 8 inch

    - Height 5 inch, width 5 inch

  • Acrylic cube buffet stand  for wedding
  • Plexi buffet table  - Kristal for wedding
    • Soon in stock
    Plexi buffet table -...
    £ 450.00 excl. VAT

    Characteristics :

    - Material: acrylic plexi

    - Colour: transparent

    - Length:59 inch

    - Width: 23 inch

    - Thickness:3 inch

    - Height:39 inch

    - To get up or even

    - Ovens without flowers

  • White acrylic cube buffet...
    White acrylic cube...

    You are looking for the element that will make the difference in the decoration of your marriage or special event.Discover our white cube buffet support XL, an elegant and versatile solution that will add a touch of sophistication to your reception. Created in high quality plexiglas, this set consists of three different size pieces to meet your needs.

    These are buffet boosters gives a look at your buffet, stand or presentation. One submersible headlamp can be put inside for more effects

    Characteristics :

    - Couleur: white

    - Material : Plexi

    - Cube 1 : 38 x 36 x 8 cm

    - Cube 2 : 38 x 37 x 16 cm

    - Cube 3 : 38 x 38 x 24 cm

  • Cube buffet mirror booster...
    • New
    • Soon in stock
    Cube buffet mirror...
    £ 25.00 excl. VAT

    The buffet cubes enhancers mirror SHINE bring a touch of elegance to your presentations. Ideals to enhance your buffets, these boosters allow you to create captivating luminous effects with the addition of a submersible projector, perfect for all your receptions and events.

    Characteristics :

    - Colour: Mirror

    - Dimension: 15x15x15 cm

    - Material: Glass mirror

    - Usage: Buffet holder, display

  • Acrylic support for buffet...
    • New
    Acrylic support for...

    This acrylic support for buffet glass and 51 cm piece is the perfect accessory to enhance your events. Made of high quality acrylic and clear color, it is not only aesthetic but also practical.

    Characteristics :

    - Size : 51 cm

    - Material: Acrylic

    - Colour: Claire