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Event decoration: the place of candles?

Once used to illuminate, candles now occupy an important beach in the decoration of celebrations.These are decorative objects that bring a touch of romance and aesthetics to your table decoration.How then do you put them on them so you can surprise your guests and offer them a ceremony in a festive, warm and romantic atmosphere?

The attractive power of the flame

She waltzes, she trembles, she is a carrier of life when she offers her light and casts shadows on both sides. The candle fascinates, soothes, seduces and remains bearer of symbols.Long used as a source of artificial light, it quickly becomes an object with powers.

Indeed, according to the understanding of the Christians once, the candle would have powers that allow us to hunt the evil spirits.Thus, no wedding or baptism celebration was done without light candles.

Over time, the candle kept its fascinating and beautiful side.She has experienced a lot of transformation and sophistication.So today there are candles that you can use depending on the event.It now occupies an important place in the wedding decoration.

It is available in several shapes (round, square, cylindrical) and in several colors.To decorate the table, the floor, the garden alley, the decoration room, it will find a place where you want to create a soft atmosphere during your wedding or baptism.

Some decoration ideas to highlight your candles

For a soft, warm and relaxed atmosphere, nothing is worth the presence of candles here and there in your decoration.These few ideas will help you make a place for this decorative object to enhance the decoration of your reception room.

Candles in the alley of the church

Let's start with the place where you receive your wedding blessing for your couple life.The presence of candle announces the happiness to come and the beautiful things you will live in your home.Nothing like placing large white candles along the year of the church.This is a rather original choice, because it will prevent you from doing like everyone by placing flowers and ribbons to decorate benches or seats.

Candles on the golden book table we thought about it for you.In reality, the decoration of the gold book table is often left to account.However, your guests will necessarily take this way to leave their impressions and their thoughts in the famous book.Why don't you put it by decorating it with small glass candles?

Photophor candles in the table center

The photophores are light boxes or containers that contain heat-plated candles.Its shape allows to have an adjourned decoration and exquisite and romantic lighting.So don’t hesitate to use them to enhance your room decoration, mainly the table center.

Candles around the cake

For a more fun and refined decoration, think about putting small candles around the wedding cake or birthday cake.Add a few of your photos for more charm and romance.For this, small phosphorus will be an excellent choice for a charming and sparkling rendering.

Several ideas are possible to highlight candles in your room decoration.There are contemporary LED candles, floating candles, scented candles, etc.It is up to you to choose according to your preferences and the style you want to give at your reception.

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    This led candle is an ideal lighting system to illuminate your candlesticks or candle holder.

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    This led candle is an ideal lighting system to illuminate your candlesticks or candle holder.

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    • Sold by lot of 5 pieces
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    • Each Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
    • Bright light of the Imit LEDs A True Flame
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