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Feather ball and feather garlands


The decoration of wedding on the topic of the the pen it has returned to the trend.

Here are our ideas of wedding decoration very original for all your occasions.Go fine and light with our different colour plumes for your wedding decoration.Our balls of pen white available in different sizes can be suspended in height.Of guirland of plumes white or different colors can complement the table decoration as a table path.You can also use our wedding pen to make the fears part or to make an original decoration on your drage containers.

You can also suspend balls of plumes in your room or reception garden for a romantic effect related to your theme.Guests will be pleasantly surprised by your original and elegant decoration.Our cheap white pen balls are highly demanded.

Light and romantic, choosing the pen as a wedding theme is a secure value.The decorating plumes they have this aerial but ultra elegant side that makes future wives dream.The plumes are fairy and will carry each of your guests into a charming universe.

With our balls of plumes 20 cm different sizes (20 cm and 35 cm) hanging on the roof of the room at uneven height can give the effect of a sky filled with soft cotton clouds.But be careful, no grey cloud plays on the horizon!The atmosphere is only favorable to love!

Very cool and very trending, quickly discover our entire range of articles decoration of pen on the theme of the pen: table decoration pen, pen balls ...For a simple and sweet touch, dispers a few pen on your table routes and your nap or suspend them to perfect your room decoration.Tell your creativity for an original table decoration.

To give volume to your vases, you can also choose for our pearls of white stools.

Passion Decor offers you the most of the decoration of your events at affordable prices: table road, nappe, the lycra chair.

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  • Red feather boa 1.80 m
    • Soon in stock
    Red feather boa 1.80 m
    £ 1.74 excl. VAT

    This artificial red feather boa is easily wrapped around your vase, candlestick and other decorations.

    Characteristics :

    - Colour: Red

    - Dimensions: 1.80m long

    - Guaranteed frou effect

  • White feather boa 1.80 m
    • Soon in stock
    £ 2.36 excl. VAT

    To give volume to your vases, choose these white ostriches feathers to decorate the table of your wedding room.

    Ostrich plums from about 45 to 50cm