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Head tables and buffet

Head tables and buffet

Deco and presentation: honour tables and buffet?

The honour table is the place where the bridegrooms and their loved ones are located.Traditionally, the honour table includes parents and friends close to the bridegrooms.Nowadays, this tradition is outdated, because the bridegrooms can select the people who will stay at their table.

The buffet that accompanies the reception must also be chosen with great care, according to the budget, the place of marriage and certain criteria.Discover the provisions of a table of honour and the different kinds of buffets to offer.

The traditional arrangement of the honour table is no longer mandatory

Disposal table of honour traditionally during a marriage is no longer compulsory.Nowadays, the bridegrooms prefer to select themselves guests of honour who can be attuned by their side.

However, for those who wish to follow customs, the chosen provision depends on family status.In the case of a traditional family with still married parents, the honor table includes people who are close to the bridegrooms.So we find the parents, grandparents, godmothers and godmothers, the brothers and sisters of the grooms, in this order.

With regard to biculture families or recomposed, the distribution is quite different.In this case, parents have two different cultures or have married for a second time after divorced from their ex-company.Married people must be careful not to generate frustration.The distribution must be thorough and very diplomatic.

The organization of the table of honor according to the wishes of the bridegrooms

As a traditional distribution is no longer relevant, the bridegrooms have the opportunity to choose the guests who will stay at their table.Rather than maintaining a classic arrangement, the bridegrooms can decide to add close friends, ladies or boys of honor.The honour table includes:

  • A beautiful tablecloth and tablecloths;
  • The wedding menu card;
  • Covers;
  • Labels bearing the name of the guests;
  • Gifts for guests.

The honor table must be placed in front of all guests so as to overlook all other tables.It must be visible to all guests.

Choose the right buffet

You have to plan for your buffet buffet buffet a budget between 30 € and 80 € per person.To design a cold wedding buffet of 50 people, for example, you must plan between 1750 € and 4000 € of budget.This rate varies depending on the number of dishes, quantities served and the choice of the catererer.

Opter for a wedding buffet is a cheaper choice than a traditional sitting meal.It is easier to organize and requires less staff.The buffet buffet buffet wedding meal is the ideal for you if you want to make a little budget wedding.In this case, plan a budget of 900 € to 1500 € in addition for drinks.

To easily arrange your wedding buffet, take into account the type of buffet you want: cold or hot buffet, outdoor or indoor buffet, amount of food, etc.The choice between the hot buffet and the cold buffet will be based on your desires and the theme of your wedding.You can also choose to combine both since each of them has different advantages.

The cold buffet and hot buffet

The cold buffet is easy to put in place and is suitable for chic bohemian weddings or country wedding buffets.It is made up of salads and crudities and does not require equipment to keep hot dishes.He can't cool.

The hot buffet allows you to offer more elaborate, refined dishes that are necessary for luxury weddings.In winter, this type of buffet allows you to prepare guests for the reception party.It requires more equipment (shovels to keep the dishes at the right temperature) and a larger organization.

The wedding buffet outdoor or indoor

Depending on the choice of place of marriage, you can organize your wedding buffet in interior or outside.For rural weddings, in places with lots of green spaces, the outdoor buffet is the ideal, because it allows you to enjoy the décor.Provide a folding solution in case of inconveniences (heat, large winds, etc.).However, if you decide to make your wedding in a closed place such as a party room, a cottage or a hotel, you must organize the buffet inside.

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    This table is divided into two pieces to form an oval once assembled.

    Characteristics :

    - Dimensions: 9 feet width 29 inch high

    - Colour: Pink gold

    - feet under the table tray

    - Easy assembly

  • Gold Oval Table for wedding
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    The Moda oval table of gold color is the reception table that must have.The imposing size of this table makes its effect in any room

    Characteristics :

    Colour: Gold

    Size: 9 feet long x 29 inch high

    Material: lacquered wood tray and stainless steel structure (very longevity)

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    This S table is composed of 4 circle arc blocks that form a round once assembled.They can also form a S by cutting them off.

    The ball-shaped feet offer a balanced and harmonious design to the whole

    Characteristics :

    - Dimensions:14 feet of size 29 inch high

    - Colour: Silver

    - 5 feet per table

    - Easy assembly

  • Malia white Stainless Steel Reception Table for wedding
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