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Led floodlight & led lights

Led projector

At one time, marriage had no specific theme, but nowadays the new consumption patterns, influenced by social networks, lead to constant innovation on the decoration of events.

In this context, we will make you discover a new theme that is that of lights.Using light as a decoration for your wedding you thought about it but don't know how to take it?Finished not very glamorous lighting hanging on a tree, suspended with string....Lighting must be synonymous with wonder for your guests, so it is an integral part of the lighting wedding decoration !

For this bright theme, we offer you to play on one lED light rather than on candle-based lighting.For example on tables, you can place balls of lights with LEDs and lights of vases with headlamps.In addition, under the tables, you can make a color bet of the tablecloths with a light below.For this, our multi-color table projector is the ideal accessory to give a warm atmosphere to your room.This is headlamp at very advantageous prices will perfectly illuminate your table bottoms.

As far as the room is concerned, the ideal is the coloring of the space, scalable along the dinner with a blue atmosphere and then multicolored at the time of dessert and then amber during the evening.It’s over the race to light up after a musical series, a simple push on a button will suffice to turn the light!

Passion Decor offers a superb light curtain with a size of 4.4 m x 3 m provided with an adjustable control case.He has an organza sail on the front.Plus, ours headlamps under multi-color vase change colors with remote control.They put themselves under the vases to illuminate your decorations.We also have submersible LEDs to integrate to illuminate your vases.These submersible LEDs are multi colors and can change color via a remote control.

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  • Projector under...
    Projector under...
    £ 19.58 excl. VAT

    The multicolor projector changes colors with remote control.He puts himself under the vases to illuminate your decorations.

    Characteristics :

    - Dimensions: 15 cm

    - 20 leds with low consumption

    - Change color with remote control: white, red, purple, pink, green, blue...

    - Works with AA batteries (not provided)

  • Multicolor submersible LEDs...
    Multicolor submersible...
    £ 13.05 excl. VAT

    Submersible leds to integrate to illuminate your vases

    These submersible leds are multicolor and change color with remote control

    Characteristics :

    - Colour: white, red, yellow, purple, pink, red, green, blue

    - supplied with flat batteries

    - Sold by pack of 10 pieces

  • Multicolor submersible...
    Multicolor submersible...
    £ 4.35 excl. VAT

    The submersible multicolor projector allows you to illuminate all your vases and other wedding decoration

    Submersible, the lighting lasts approximately 8 to 10 hours

    Characteristics :

    - Diameter 6 cm

    - 10 leds

    - Telecommande provided to change colors: white, red, purple, pink, green, blue...

    - Works with AAA batteries (not provided)

  • Room projector 18 x 1 w...
    Room projector 18 x 1...
    £ 21.75 excl. VAT

    Room screen 18 leds with a power of 1 watt.The remote allows remote ignition and color choice.This projector will allow you to create a burning atmosphere by giving color to your walls.

    Characteristics :

    - Diameter 20cm

    - 18 led by 1 watts

    - RGB mode, setting to have all colors

  • 24 x 1W led bar with remote...
    • On sale!
    24 x 1W led bar with...
    £ 47.85 excl. VAT

    Cheap led bar for your wedding decoration

    The led bar is controlled by a box that allows to change the color of the leds.

    The led bar illuminates up to 7 m high

    Characteristics :

    - Source 24 3 watt tricolor leds

    - Broadcasting angle 23° approx

    - Size : 1050 *70*70mm

    - Weight: about 5 kg

  • Led bottle
    • Soon in stock
    Led bottle
    £ 4.35 excl. VAT

    Magnificent LED bottle on your decoration table to bring THE original and unique touch that belongs to you.This bottle is illuminated with battery system and has a range of more than 48 hours.

    Characteristics :

    - Size : H30 cm, diam 8cm

    - Colour: copper and grey

    - Material: Glass

    - Works with 3 AAA batteries

  • Cold spark powder 200g
    Cold spark powder 200g
    £ 26.10 excl. VAT

    TI Composite Powder for Cold spark machine available at Passion Decor

  • Ball floor lamp 154 ​​cm -...
    Ball floor lamp 154...
    £ 51.33 excl. VAT

    Add a touch of light to your decoration with this VERA ball lamp.

    This beautiful luminaire consists of 8 balls for a warm atmosphere assured!


    Colour: Gold

    Length: 154 cm

    Width: 45 cm

    Depth: 55 cm

  • Butterfly on foot Led light...
    Butterfly on foot Led...
    £ 317.50 excl. VAT

    Discover this beautiful Wallpaper on foot with light led integre illuminates your events and create a unique atmosphere!


    Materiau : metal structure

    color : White

    Size : 2 sizes available H 2m05 L 1m10 and H 1M77 L 92 cm

  • Multicolor under table...
    Multicolor under table...
    £ 32.63 excl. VAT

    This multicolor projector gets under the table to give a warm atmosphere to your room

    The cheap table spotlight will perfectly illuminate your table bottoms.

    Characteristics :

    - 20 leds

    - Provided with remote control

    - Works with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours