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lycra tablecloth

Lycra tablecloth

Find your cheap table lycra tablecloth

Lycra, also known as Spandex, is an excellent option for tablecloths;ensuring to your tables a smooth, elegant and modern look.The incredibly flexible lycra material extends over the top of the table to cover the entire table and feet so that the fabric does not hang on the sides like the traditional blankets.However, if you like the "stop" of more traditional napples (without ironing!), our lycra napp range also includes a variety of lycra nappies.We offer a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes.


Elegant appearance with spandex mats

Embell your tables with an elegant and adjusted look with the extensible Lycra de Passion decor tablecloths!The lycra is an extensible material designed to adapt to almost all tables.The extensible property of the material makes ironing unnecessary, leaving more time for preparation on other decorations.You will love the versatile look that our economic lycra tablecloths can create, which makes them perfect for all types of events, including weddings, year-end parties, trade shows and much more!

At Passion decor, we offer a variety of lycra taps that will present an elegant setting for your next party or event.Our expandable lycra tablecloths without stress are easy to put and machine washable for easy maintenance!

In addition to our selection of sizes, we offer many color options such as red, aqua blue, blue, black, pink blush/gold, bordeaux, champagne, blue, purple, etc.Use your imagination to create fashionable color combinations with more of our bright tones like bright yellow, fuchsia, pink, orange and red, color combinations are endless.With the versatility of this fabric and the different color options, you will certainly create the most perfect look!

Escape your tables by including one of our lycra tablecloths with a pattern/conception with our unified extensible tablecloths.Add brilliance and glow with one of our scintillating spandex table covers.Our affordable prices greatly facilitate the integration of a high-end look without ever exceeding your budget.It will be an investment that is worth it!If you prefer a fluid look, but you want to stick to a lycra material, our lycra cocktail table covers would be an excellent choice for you.Keep the fluidity and linen of a traditional tablecloth, but avoid leg pockets and stress preparation, because it takes little or no time to slip on each tablecloth!

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