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Throne and corner of the Marys

Throne and corner of the grooms: decor, layout, choice!

The thrones and corners of the bridegroom are essential elements for the decoration of a marriage.They are placed at strategic locations in the wedding room and are not only used as decoration elements.You have the possibility to decorate your throne and the corner of the brides according to your preferences.Discover here these two essential elements for a wedding ceremony.

The thrones and corners of the bridegrooms what is it?

The married thrones and corners value the grooms.These are very important wedding decoration elements.The thrones of the bridegroom are generally placed at the bottom of the marriage hall, at the end of the central alley to give it an exceptional value.

They enjoy a special ornament and we speak at that time of the groom’s corner.The throne of the bridegroom is the seat only.The corner of the groom consists of the throne and decorative accessories.

To give them a shine, it is possible to add a scenery with projectors to have more color.If your budget is considerable, you can gold it with glassware, diamond column, white ceremony mats or any other type of decoration.

Some ideas to decorate the throne and the corner of the bridegroom

You can decorate your bride throne with a good dose of creativity.Just choose the type of decoration that suits your style and personality.If you already have a chair, you can turn it into a throne or you can also rent it for the occasion.

The antique decoration:You can create a pattern for your married chair by adding elements such as a silk fabric, velvet to cover the pillow on which the bride will sit.You can add fringes in each corner or around the pillow seam.

The decoration with memories:To make this moment memorable, magical and unique, you can choose objects that have one sentimental value for the bride.These can be representative elements such as movie tickets, heels, small pop-corn bags, etc.All these elements can remind her of all the good times she had to spend with her husband.

If the future bride is a sports fan, you can decorate the throne with sports items such as sports items.It can be a jersey or colours of its favourite team, a logo, etc.The floral decoration: If you love nature and vegetation, you can choose to decorate the throne with natural or artificial flowers.You can use petals of flowers, wild flowers, outer flowers, etc.The bride can also wear crown of flowers once she sits on her wedding throne.

Throne and corner of the grooms, what to hold?

These are two essential elements that serve in a wedding reception.The throne serves to enhance the couple.You can decorate it in various ways and it will depend on your personality.If you like classic decor, you can decorate it to the old.If you are a nostalgic, you can choose a decoration with souvenirs.Finally, if you are a nature lover, the floral decoration will suit you perfectly.

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    Characteristics :

    - Colour: Gold and white similicuir

    - Dimensions: Length 2 meters

    - Materials: Gold metal structure, seat and back in white leather

    - Weight: 20 kg

    - Care: Easy to clean with a soft cloth